Executive Education – Key to developing future energy leaders

Experienced oil and gas workers are retiring faster than their job positions can be replaced.  This “Great Crew Change” has resulted in a need for more management track workers.  If you’re a seasoned professional with 10-15 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree, now is the time to consider an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) designed specifically for the oil and gas industry.

An MBA in an oil and gas related field is designed for petroleum professionals to be able to transition from operations to management by providing the advanced business and management skills needed to formalize existing experience and step up to a more senior role. These programs help develop the skills needed to become a leader in the energy industry.

Most of these programs require at least 5 years of professional experience and a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. As MBA programs are targeted towards working adults, they usually offer several flexible program options, such as full-time, part-time, evening and online classes.  Most programs will require students to take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), as well as provide transcripts for an undergraduate degree, and letters of recommendation.

The variety of oil and gas MBA programs reflects the global nature of the industry.  Programs are located worldwide, and often in major areas of energy production.

Programs in the United States and Canada

International Programs

Although the list of oil and gas-specific MBA programs is relatively short, the number is expected to grow with the increased need for experienced professionals with management and leadership skills.  If you’re interested in an MBA, but there isn’t an oil and gas-specific program near you, consider one of the online programs offered at many of the universities above.

Clover specializes in placing professionals in the oil and gas industry. If you are an Operator seeking to augment Project Teams, contact Jeff.W@clovergs.com

If you are an experienced professional looking for opportunities in the Upstream Industry (Alaska, Eagle Ford Shale Play, Bakken Formation, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico), send your resume in complete confidence to Chris.S@clovergs.com 

About Clover Global Solutions

Clover Global Solutions, LP provides Oil & Gas companies flexible and cost effective solutions fulfilling today’s need for contingent human capital. Client-identified contractors can be safely and rapidly deployed, retirees and annuitants can be re-engaged, open positions can be sourced and filled even on the most aggressive timeframes, and global Oil & Gas projects reap the benefits of 16 years of Contingent Workforce experience by the most trusted and flexible name in staffing today.
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