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Ten Factors that Affect the Price of Oil

The price of gas affects a variety of goods and services because many economic activities use oil as an energy source.  No one likes to pay higher prices, but the global oil market is more complicated than most people realize, … Continue reading

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The Oil and Gas Industry: Operating in Sensitive Environments

Download Report This report from IPIECA summarizes a series of short case studies describing some of the Oil and Gas industry’s experiences operating responsibly in sensitive human and physical environments. The case studies cover company experiences across the full range … Continue reading

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Environmental Protection in the Energy Industry: The Role of the Marine Mammal Observer

One of the more unique job positions in the oil and gas industry is the Marine Mammal Observer (MMO).  The MMO is considered an environmental consultant specializing in whales, porpoises, and dolphins, and is a role developed from concern for … Continue reading

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Transitioning Veterans into the Oil and Gas Industry

Military veterans have skills and experiences that translate directly to the oil and gas industry.  Skills honed during military service, such as leadership and working to accomplish a mission make veterans an asset in the corporate civilian world, and the … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Technologies: Exploration and Production

Exploration and Production (E&P) is driven by new technologies.  The energy industry is in constant need of better ways to gather information about a reservoir, have more powerful IT tools, and anything that makes it faster, easier, and safer to … Continue reading

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